The creation of the first agency in Sines results indirectly in the political decision then (prefaced the 70s) to install on the Alentejo coast, taking advantage of the favorable natural conditions offered Sines, a large industrial complex with a gateway / output a multifunctional seaport.

In this logic, the first major unit located in Sines was precisely one oil refinery, an initiative of a private company, named "Petrosur" in which, in the wake of the nationalization of the activities of this sector, he joined a large public company, established for this purpose, called "Petrogal" which is also included "Sacor" (then the sole owner of the national refining system, in Lisbon and Porto), the "Sonap" (fuel distributor) and "Cidla" ( distributor of butane and propane).

For this reason, the firm "David Joseph Pines, Sons SA", based in Oporto and, until then, exclusive agent of the Portuguese tanker fleet, owned by "Soponata", undertaken in partnership with two other partners (currently already out the capital of Sitank), the adventure, even with the port to finalization of the final details, the status of ground structures, transfer from Lisbon to Sines the agency "Pines Navigation and Trade, Lda.", founded in 1971 , which adopted the current name in 1999.

From what I have already explained it is not surprising that the early activities of Sitank have as landmark the tanker service, national flag, "Montemuro" that in 1977, for the first time, discharged about 130 000 tonnes of oil gross with which we proceeded to test the refining equipment just installed in Sines.

Oped well over three decades, Sitank has been able to adapt to the changing reality itself Sines and today, not denying its origin in the oil terminal of this port, feels perfectly capable and properly resourced to match in the best way shall plurality that the port movement currently registers. This sure is comfortably supported in the quality certification awarded by Lloyd's Register (ISO 9001).

For what happens also internally to Sitank will start a new cycle in particular with respect to its ownership structure.

Getting as follows:

-Naip - Navigation, Portuguese Agencia Internacional, SA 

It remains a priority objective, this new cast, design the positioning of Sitank beyond the agency, within the activities of "shipping" starting up in this way, the Logistics area.

Also part of the plans of the house to expand to other geographical areas in particular taking advantage of the synergies resulting from the very location of associated companies today will Sitank, allowing us in this way, be in the present, along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula .

We have no doubt that in the near future new chapters will join will have reputable history of this organization for whom the motto remains always do more and better, because we are fully aware that this is what our constituents expect of us.

A well-there is all of them!



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