Quality policy

Since 1999, the quality of services that we honor to provide, is comfortably supported by certification Norm ( ISO 9001:2015 ).


Sitank, aware of its impact on the surrounding society, understands that the provision of its services should be based on the following commitments:


     • Quality of the service provided, meeting market needs;

     • Providing a quality service with excellent resources and practices, complying with current legislation and the purposes of SITANK;

     • Ensuring the confidentiality of personal data provided to the Company in accordance with current legislation;

     • Guaranteeing the well-being of its employees;

     • Conducting management based on objectives and goals, taking into account the satisfaction of all stakeholders, with special attention to reducing environmental impacts and controlling potential safety and health risks;

     • Working based on innovation and continuous improvement of processes and services, improving the Quality Management System, and promoting a culture of excellence;

     • Investing in sustainable growth through constant business innovation.


The operationalization of these commitments is based on the application of the following guiding principles:


Develop quality services tailored to the needs of customers, promoting the satisfaction of stakeholders through value creation.


Be a reference in the industry, constantly innovating the business, paying attention to the needs of employees, motivating and qualifying them for better performance of their duties.


Total dedication in everything we do, with the aim of continuously improving our performance, ensuring profitability and sustainable growth.


Acting responsibly, committing to:

     • Fulfill the compliance obligations applicable to the company's activities;
     • Respecting the environment and the surrounding society by preventing pollution;
     • Promoting actions within the scope of social responsibility.


Creating sustainable value through competent and motivated employees, meeting the needs of customers, and strengthening the company's presence in the international context.



Sines - 7521-901 Portugal

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